Services Offered by Millennium ProComm

Call Screening

Millennium ProComm's agents can triage all your calls within your specific guidelines and with a list of questions that you want answered.  You are always in control of the criteria and direction in which your calls are answered and screened. We provide easy, flexible terms for your specific screening instructions during your account set up. Our knowledgeable, courteous agents always take that extra step for efficient, accurate messaging, while simultaneously making all your callers feel comfortable and confident. Our agents will reassure your callers that their message is important to you and is being handled with the best of care, giving them the confidence and peace of mind that their call will be responded to in an appropriate time frame and manner.

Message Dispatching

We can deliver your messages with our dynamic SMS messaging system. This state of the art messaging system allows you to respond immediately and further allows you to communicate with our agents right from your device. Be reassured that the option to call and speak with one of our agents for any reason is always available and welcomed. Be confident that we will use call escalation measures in no response situations.

Never Miss a Consult!

Improve your revenue, don't reduce it! Don't lose those urgent and emergency consults by having a voice mail system answer these calls. Studies have shown that 65% of people become frustrated with automated systems and simply hang up. There is no reassurance that your message will be delivered and the callers patient will be seen in the required amount of time. Insurance company's are also now requiring physician practices to be compliant with a "Live Voice". 24 hours a day 365 days a year, Millennium ProComm will be there for you.

Alpha/Digital Paging Services

We also offer several smart, reliable options for alpha and digital paging. You can customize and choose options on how, where and when your messages are delivered. Our friendly, knowledgeable specialists are available and ready to discuss and customize the most economical and reliable package for you and your specific needs.

Email Dispatching

We can dispatch messages to your hand held device so that you can add, edit and respond to messages and have history directly to patient records. You have the option of receiving messages in an email format or text message format directly to your device.

Fax/Email Delivery

Always be confident that your messages have been delivered to the on call/covering physician when you are off call according to your specifications and emergency criteria. Receive a daily automatic fax or email, at the time of your choosing, with call history details, just as a confirmation.

Millennium ProComm Service Representative

Account Set-Up

You work closely with us while we program your account. You set the criteria for reaching your on call physicians. We will script each type of call for the levels of urgency you choose. Messages will be delivered to any method you choose; text, cell phone, pager, hospital, home or even multiple destinations simultaneously. We want to understand how you operate to be successful in your call management, where consistency is the key. If you're unsure of how to manage your account, Millennium ProComm can help. Our team has the knowledge and we can assist you to find the best way to manage your routine messages, emergency messages, lab calls, consult calls, Rx calls and even manage your on call schedules on a weekly, monthly or even yearly basis.

Agent Training

We focus our training on agent care skills, efficiency and professionalism. Our goal is to help reduce your costs and save you money and time in productivity. We pre-screen potential employees for an interest or background in healthcare. Our experienced Team Leaders teach common sense and good judgment when dispatching. Our medical support team agents have completed the necessary HIPPA specific training for you to feel confident that your patient's privacy is being handled with appropriate knowledge and security. We consistently refresh them on new rules and regulations.

Appointment Management

Millennium ProComm can manage your office calendar: setting up, confirming and canceling all your appointments. We can make modifications directly through your portal to your web-based scheduling system. Any updates required are reflected in real time, eliminating double booking errors. With your guidelines and input, we can relay information about accepted insurance plans, benefits, hospital affiliations and scheduling. Our medical receptionist agents focus on one patient at a time, providing knowledgeable, courteous patient services and support, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction with your office.